21 March 2009

Russian Citadel to Nuke Asteroids & International Abstracts

Exerpts From: http://bmpost.com/2518.html
Even if we knew for two days, that the asteroid will fall to the ground, nothing had would do - confirms the worst fears of the head of the Center for Planetary Defense “(CDC) NGO them. SA Lavochkin Anatoly Zaitsev. - Besides, it is very difficult to determine the place of the fall of previously unknown objects....Two years ago, speaking at the Academic Readings on Space Zaicev reported: CDC proposes to deploy on the basis of Russian technologies train rapid response system, planetary defense, already known as “The Citadel”. It will consist of the spacecraft observing apparatus, scouts and interceptors. And together they can destroy the asteroids, or alter their trajectories....According to the calculations to run block in diameter and 100 meters will need to charge a few kilotons. For kilometer asteroid would need megatons. According to the scientist, the scouts and interceptors can be created on the base of the spacecraft “Phobos-soil”. And deliver them reasonable missile “Dnepr” and “Zenith”, which can be quickly prepared for launch. But to develop the entire system will take at least 5 years. In due course, financing.
In other International news, A.C. Charania at http://planetarydefense.blogspot.com/2009/03/abstracts-for-iaa-2009-planetary.html reports the Program and Abstracts are now available for the First International Planetary Defense Conference:

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