18 November 2009

Braun lays out a brilliant vision

It is terrific news that there is a committe to review NIAC, which for such a miniscule budget (~1$M) provided such a goldmine of imagination and innovative thinking.  And fantastic to see someone on the board put together a list so similar to what has been advocated in this Blog.  Kudo's Dr. Braun (Co-Chair of the Committee to Review the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board National Research Council)

Testimony given to the Subcommittee on Space & Aeronautics :: October 22, 2009

Strengthening NASA’s Technology Development Programs

Dr. Braun Makes this statement in his testimony-

"I share with these recent high-school graduates a list of accomplishments that I believe our nationʼs civil aeronautics and space program is capable of achieving in my lifetime:

Ten Anticipated Paradigm-Changing Civil Aeronautics and Space Advances
1) Quantify Causes, Trends and Effects of Long-Term Earth Climate Change
2) Accurately Forecast the Emergence of Major Storms and Natural Disasters
3) Develop and Utilize Efficient Space-Based Energy Sources
4) Prepare an Asteroid Defense
5) Identify Life Elsewhere in our Solar System
6) Identify Earth-like Worlds Around Other Stars
7) Initiate Interstellar Robotic Exploration
8) Achieve Reliable Commercial Low-Earth Orbit Transportation
9) Achieve Affordable Supersonic Business Travel
10) Achieve Permanent Human Presence Beyond the Cradle of Earth"


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