07 April 2010

STRATFOR's George Friedman Discusses EADS Space Solar Power

STRATFOR’s founder and CEO discusses the push for space-based energy infrastructure after EADS, Europe’s largest space company, announces plans to launch a test satellite with solar panels.

Also from:  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/science/Lasers-to-beam-solar-energy-from-space-to-earth/articleshow/5496009.cms

Lasers to beam solar energy from space to earth

LONDON: Space engineers plan to put satellites into orbit that can collect large amounts of energy from the Sun and convert it into a infrared laser beam transmitted back to Earth as an alternative to the planet’s fast-disappearing energy sources. 

Experts at EADS Astrium, Europe’s largest space company, are working on a small demonstrator of a full sized space-based power station, a network of which could meet demands of electricity 24X7. 

“There is a global need for increased energy generation that does not have an environmental impact,” the British newspaper Daily Telegraph quoted Matthew Perren, head of innovation at Astrium’s headquarters in Paris, as saying. 

“The real advantage of space solar power is that it can provide power on demand as we can essentially point the laser beam where ever we like on the earth below the orbit. 

“Looking to the future we envisage large power stations in space that are capable of transmitting energy to any point in the planet on demand,” Perren added.


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