09 January 2011

NASA HLV to be used for Space Solar Power Demo?

From: http://powerfromspace.blogspot.com/2010/12/pwsp-20-nasa-hlv-to-be-used-for-space.html
(See http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2010/07/sd-hlv-early-sps-demonstration-risk-assessment/ for more)
"Such a mission would likely provide an opportunity for the HLV to stretch its legs on an opening operational mission, as soon as 2016, focusing on the delivery of a 30 metric ton demonstrator in Geostationary orbit (GEO)."
 “Figure 6-1  shows the operational scenario that proceeds from this initial orbit that maximizes the Solar Power Satellite mass delivered to geosynchronous orbit. The Earth Departure Stage is used not only to attain low-Earth orbit (HLV suborbital staging), but also to attain the 5,900 km circular orbit with two additional propulsion burns of the J-2X engine,” the presentation noted.

“The purposes of the demonstration would be to: 

a) Demonstrate the deployment and operations of a prototype SPS at GEO. 
b) Validate the cost and operational utility of the HLV to support large payload deployment to GEO. 
c) Test a Hall-effect thruster upper stage for operations to GEO and cis-lunar space.
d) Validate the SSP received energy density and power conversion efficiency estimates. 
e) Demonstrate useful amount of power delivery to a test rectenna system on the ground.”'