27 February 2008

ESA starts SSPS Wiki, to have workshop 29 Feb 2008

The rising interest in renewable energy solutions, the public debate on global warming and what is called "peak oil", the increasingly accepted need for sustainable energy systems, a recent white paper on SPS from URSI, the successful Furoshiki experiment as well as the attention for solar power from space created by the recent report initiated by an office within the US DoD makes this the right time to initiate the second phase of the SPS programme plan.
Therefore, we are seeking input, comments and criticism on the scope and content of the second phase from you. We have set up this collaborative website/discussion forum (wiki) for this purpose, and will organise a dedicated meeting/workshop of the SPS network at ESTEC on February 29, 2008.

Also, check out this excellent presentation on Space Solar from the Lift conference by Guy Pignolet:

Here also is the link for Marty Hoffert presenting at Google:

And an outstanding video from NASA featuring John Mankins:


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