27 February 2008


UN Space
The newly established space-system-based disaster management program(UN-SPIDER) was in the focus of the 45 session of COPUOS in Vienna,11-20 Feb. Possible dangers from near-Earth objects, space debrismitigation, and a safety framework for nuclear power sources in outerspace were also key agenda items.thSpace-System-Based Disaster Management Support. The Subcommittee heardreport on the implementation of the UN-SPIDER program for the period2008-2009 as well as other initiatives and long-term perspectives ofvarious Member States and space agencies in the area of disastermanagement. The new UN-SPIDER program which is implemented by the UNOffice for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), opened its first office inBonn, Germany, Oct 07, and will be opening an office in Beijing as wellas a liaison office in Geneva in 2008.Near-Earth objects. The Subcommittee endorsed the new multi-year workplan 2009-2011, under which the Working Group on NEO will reviewpolicies and procedures on the NEO threat at the international level inorder to draft an agreement on international procedures by 2012. Withinthe framework of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, the WorkingGroup will also try to raise awareness of the NEO threat. TheSubcommittee continues to consider NEOs due to their scientific value asremnant debris from the inner solar system formation processes, theirrichness in various natural resources as well as their potential dangerof collision with the Earth.

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