16 July 2009

Financial and Organizational Analysis for a Space Solar Power System.

A collaborative research effort between multi-cultural team Raul Gutierrez Gomez, a Lt Col with the Colombian Air Force, Evelyn Panier, a former finance application consultant, Xin Sun, formerly the IT Director China Academy of Space and Technology, and Cornelius Zund, formely a Control Systems Engineer with Aviya Technologies in Canada, these authors at the Toulouse Business School covers some new ground with respect to Space Solar Power Satellites, discussing Net Present Value calculations, structuring of business entities along an INTELSAT model, and a splitting of developer and operator to overcome cash-flow problems, and niche microwave applications including military, and stakeholder analysis. It also treats issues like intellectual property and government involvement. Draws on recent interviews with start-up SpaceEnergy, EADS Astrium, and a significant stakeholder poll, with many respondents in China.