03 July 2009

Grand Challenges

From: http://www.engineeringchallenges.org/cms/7124/7169/9521.aspx

National Academies of Engineering Grand Challenges for Engineering, Ideas from the public

- Build a constellation of Space Solar Power Satellites that allow us to have predictable baseload power to lift the world from poverty and reduce conflict, and offer us the beamed propulsion to send out a stellar probe http://www.nss.org/settle ment/ssp/library/nsso.htm http://www.nss.org/settle ment/ssp/library/index.htm

- Build the Buckminster Fuller Global Energy Network (GENI) so we can share power around the world http://www.geni.org/globa lenergy/multimedia/animat ions/index.shtml

- Construct the constellation that allows us to divert potentially hazardous asteroids and comets http://www.aero.org/confe rences/planetarydefense/2 007papers/WhitePaperFinal .pdf

V/R PETER A. GARRETSON, Lt Col, USAF Chief, Future Science & Technology Exploration Branch (HQ USAF/A8XC) Future Concepts & Transformation Division

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