09 July 2011

NASA Ames bought a 1.2 MW, 110 GHz gyrotron for testing beamed energy propulsion

Remarks Keith Henson on the significance of the purchase:
"But if you have 9000 m/s exhaust velocity, which can be done with hydrogen heated with microwaves or lasers, then the mass ratio is a little less than 3.  So vehicle and payload can be 36% of takeoff mass.  If half vehicle and half payload, that's 18% each.  So a 300 ton vehicle with a dry mass of 54 tons could put 54 tons in LEO...The falling cost of microwave power and laser power makes these options possible.



I am trying to start a blog also but I do not really have the time to maintain it. Mine is called BEOHSF
(acronym for beyond earth orbit human space flight). Even if I screw with it long enough to get it to work right I doubt I wll be able play moderator. But I really want to do something to support colonization in a serious way that people will read and comment on. Most of the colonization blogs I have seen are more science fantasy than journalism and editorials.

Any chance I could post articles for comment on your blog? Posting this info tells me you might be of the same mind as me.

Thanks for your time, Gary

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